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Expandable Deutsch

Übersetzung für 'expandable' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Übersetzung im Kontext von „the expandable“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: wherein the expandable, the expandable member. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für expandable im Online-Wörterbuch thesmallblocks.be (​Deutschwörterbuch).

The film premiered in London on August 4, [7] and was released theatrically on August 15, by Lionsgate. Unlike the first two films in the franchise, The Expendables 3 received a PG rating instead of an R rating, which upset many fans of the franchise.

The Expendables—led by Barney Ross and formed by Lee Christmas, Gunner Jensen, and Toll Road—extract former member Doctor Death, a knives specialist, and team medic, from a military prison during his transfer on a train.

They recruit Doctor Death to assist them in intercepting a shipment of bombs meant to be delivered to a warlord in Somalia. Arriving there, they reunite with Hale Caesar, who directs them to the drop point, where Ross is surprised to find out that the arms trader providing the bombs is Conrad Stonebanks, a former co-founder of the Expendables who went rogue and was presumed dead.

In the ensuing firefight, The Expendables kill all but Stonebanks, who shoots Caesar. They are forced to retreat when Stonebanks drops a glide bomb on them from his helicopter, and Caesar is severely injured.

Blaming himself for Caesar's injuries, Ross disbands the Expendables and leaves for Las Vegas , where he enlists retired mercenary-turned-recruiter Bonaparte to help him find a new team of younger mercenaries.

The recruits include former U. Skilled sharpshooter Galgo asks to be included in the team, but Ross turns him down.

The four new team members rendezvous with Ross's rival Trench Mauser, returning a favor for Ross. Drummer has traced Stonebanks to Bucharest , where he is set to make an arms deal.

Ross and the new recruits infiltrate an office building Stonebanks is using and, having to kill a few men in the process including arms buyer Goran Vata, capture Stonebanks.

In transit, Stonebanks taunts Ross and explains why he betrayed The Expendables. Ross nearly kills him to shut him up but, despite Stonebanks egging him on, he stands down.

Stonebanks' men catch up to them, with the aid of his GPS Tracker , and fire a missile at the team's van.

Ross kills Stonebanks' retrieval team and escapes. Stonebanks sends Ross a video, challenging Ross to come after him and giving him his location in Azmenistan.

While preparing to leave and mount a rescue alone, Ross is found by Galgo, who offers his services again.

Ross accepts, later accompanied by the veteran Expendables. They rescue the young mercenaries, only to learn from Stonebanks that he has rigged the place with explosives with only 45 seconds left for them to explode.

As both the young and veteran Expendables fight one another, Ross convinces them to work together to take down Stonebanks.

As the final battle begins, Thorn uses a jammer device to delay the countdown, giving them just under half an hour before detonation. Stonebanks orders the Azmenistan army to attack the building with full force, including tanks and attack helicopters.

Drummer and Trench arrive in a helicopter to help, alongside returning Expendables member Yin Yang. The new and veteran members of the Expendables work together to kill Stonebanks' men.

When a second wave moves in, Drummer lands on the building to evacuate the team. As everyone makes it to Drummer's chopper, Stonebanks personally attacks Ross after shooting him down.

Having been forced to remove the armor and his weapon, Ross and Stonebanks engage in hand-to-hand combat. Both are evenly matched, but Ross knocks down Stonebanks before they both reach for their guns.

Stonebanks shoots, but Ross gets the better of him. Ross coldly shoots Stonebanks in response. Seconds after Stonebanks' death, the batteries of Thorn's device run out, causing the building to explode and collapse.

The team makes it to Drummer's helicopter and flies away to safety, as Ross clings to it from the outside. They all celebrate at a bar together.

In March , cast member Randy Couture said a third installment of The Expendables might begin production in late after the release of The Expendables 2.

He also said that the producers intended to bring back the series' stars attempting to have Mickey Rourke reprise his role had approached Clint Eastwood about a role and had plans to pursue Harrison Ford and approach Wesley Snipes after his release from prison.

The second is the natural progression. The third, that's when the air gets rare. We're thinking ambitiously about it, you now have to give audiences something they don't expect at all, Maybe, even going into a different genre".

In March , Stallone confirmed he was writing a script for the sequel and that he intended for the film to be more humorous with moments of drama.

Stallone also said that Seagal would not be in the film and that he wanted to cast more young actors in their mids. It was revealed that the film would feature several younger and technology-oriented action heroes who clash with the veteran Expendables.

Unlike the first two films in the Expendables franchise, this film received a PG rating instead of an R rating that received backlash from the fans.

Stating that albeit it was close to being rated R, he wanted to reach a younger and broader audience with the new film.

On July 1, the MPAA granted The Expendables 3 a PG rating; the given description being "violence including intense sustained gun battles and fight scenes and for language.

Since its release, Stallone regrets the PG rating, saying that it was "a horrible miscalculation on everyone's part in trying to reach a wider audience but in doing such, diminish the violence that the audience expects.

I'm quite certain it won't happen again. The film's score was composed by Brian Tyler. On December 19, , the first teaser trailer got released with the intent of showcasing the large cast of the movie.

The event lasted the entire day and featured the cast driving down the Croisette in tanks. On June 5, a new TV promo with new footage was released.

Instead of highlighting the all-star cast as the previous ones, this trailer focused on the new additions to the cast, prominently Lutz, Ronda Rousey and Ortiz, contrasting their young characters with the more experienced ones of Stallone and Grammer.

On July 25, , three weeks ahead of the film's premiere, a DVD -quality illegal leak was downloaded, via file sharing sites, more than , times over a hour period.

On July 31, , the film's studio, Lionsgate , filed a lawsuit in California federal court against ten anonymous individuals for copyright infringement.

Lionsgate stated they sent demand letters to operators of the sites Limetorrents. In March , the California court issued a default judgment to the operators of three of the infringing sites Limetorrents.

The Blu-ray Combo-Pack contains an extended version of the film accompanying the theatrical version as well as behind-the-scenes featurettes, a blooper reel and a Dolby Atmos multi-channel track.

The regular DVD release includes only the theatrical cut. However, its first showing was at 7 P. The site's consensus reads "Like its predecessors, The Expendables 3 offers a modicum of all-star thrills for old-school action thriller aficionados but given all the talent assembled, it should have been a lot more fun.

A fourth film was confirmed to be in development in March , by actor Pierce Brosnan who reported that he had agreed with producer Avi Lerner to star in a future The Expendables sequel.

While promoting Furious 7 , Jason Statham confirmed that he will appear in any new films saying "I'll do as many as Sly wants.

Working with Sylvester Stallone is beyond a 'pinch yourself' moment. I remember growing up watching his films and to be directed by him in a movie that he's produced and to be shoulder-to-shoulder with Sly is a privilege anyone who loves action movies would never turn their nose up at.

After initially dropping out of the fourth installment due to creative differences, [84] Stallone confirmed that he will return to the series by early , stating that he is getting back into shape to reprise his role.

In his testimony against WME agent Adam Venit for sexually assaulting him, Terry Crews confirmed that he will not be returning as Hale Caesar in the fourth film after being threatened by Lerner to drop his case against Venit.

And this is one thing I had to decide whether I was going to draw the line on. Am I going to be a part of this or am I gonna take a stand? And there are projects that I had to turn down.

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Retrieved May 1, The trooper reached with her right hand for her expandable baton. He hopes to expand his company. Compare factor def The mind expands with experience.

This windfall of words will make you rich with knowledge. Mine your memory on the words from July 27 to August 2!

See increase. Expand, dilate, distend, inflate imply becoming larger and filling more space. To expand is to spread out, usually in every direction: to expand one's chest.

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